Digital Time Capsule Fundraiser[Tell a Friend]

Looking for a new and unique fundraising opportunity?

Would you like something that has real emotional value and will be appreciated long into the future? Something that can be shared across the social web so you can easily reach out to people you never thought you could reach? Something where you receive the majority of every dollar?

If so, you just found it with a Digital Time Capsule Fundraiser.

Digital Time Capsules preserve special moments in time, to be delivered in the future. Just like Time Capsules of days gone by, Digital Time Capsules are filled with photos, videos and stories. After they are filled, Time Capsules are closed and placed in our digital storage vault to be opened at a date in the future. When it opens, it is sent to everyone who participated.

  • Are new, unique, free and easy to use. There is no inventory to purchase, no collections, no door to door knocking and our payouts are BIG.
  • Can be promoted via email, from your website and on your favorite social networks.
  • Work well for Parks, Schools, Foundations, Youth sports teams and Tournaments and more.
  • Need an idea of how it will work for you? Just give us a call. Our contact information is below.


When contributions are made you receive the majority of the revenue. There are no upfront costs and we take a much smaller percentage than traditional fundraisers do.

Extend your FUNdraiser

Most fundraisers have a start and stop date. A unique feature of our fundraiser is even though your fundraiser ends we can keep generating revenue as long as your Time Capsule listing is active.


We offer you a simple tool to generate sponsor revenue for any fundraiser.

Volunteers and memberships

You can activate our volunteer and membership buttons that will link directly to your website.

  • Let us help you Start and set up your Time Capsule. It's easy!
  • Invite your supporters via your favorite social networks, email, website or traditional methods. They will invite their friends and family to participate the same way. The word will spread quickly on the social web to people you never thought you could reach.
  • Begin receiving funds: Your supporters will make a contribution then add their photos, stories and videos to be a part of your time capsule. As contributions are made we collect the money and distribute the funds to you. No inventory and No collections!

To start your Fundraiser click here or contact a specialist who will help you every step of the way!

To contact a specialist call 801 252 5432 or submit the form below.

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