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Parks, Land and Historical Places

What's your Story?

Every place has a story... And every visitor and donor has a story to tell.

Digital Time Capsules record your past, preserve your future and support worthy causes. They are fun and unique fundraisers and souvenirs that will promote your places. They become your digital history book that will last forever!

Time Capsule fundraisers are FREE and EASY to use. There is no inventory to purchase, our payouts are BIG, our Digital Time Capsules are instantly generated online and they work for:

  • Parks, land and wildlife agencies
  • Land conservation foundations
  • Any historical place
  • Charitable organizations

Time Capsule Fundraisers will:

  1. Generate revenue, donations and volunteers.
  2. Increase your facebook and twitter fans.
  3. Reach out to people you never thought you could reach.
  4. Build a digital history book of your place as viewed by those who experience it.
  5. Allow people to feel like they are part of your family, community and legacy. Loyalty!

Here's how it works.

  1. Start a Public Time Capsule.
  2. Invite your supporters to join.
  3. Add a little marketing and reap the Rewards!

Time Capsule Fundraisers

Digital Time Capsules Fundraiser

  • You create a Public Time Capsule for your place. Supporters will join, mark their Spot, add their Novel Deed, comments, and photos and share it with their friends.
  • As information is added your Public Time Capsule is automatically updated. Note: You have the opportunity to accept or reject any comment or photo.
  • You will get revenue, increased visitors, viral and social media promotion, donations, volunteers and the ability to communicate with your visitors and their friend's long term.

Thank You Time Capsules

Thank You Capsules can be given to donors and volunteers even if they did not come through our system. Why send them just a receipt that goes in a file when you can send them a receipt and a personal invite to become part of your Time Capsule that spreads the word about your cause to their friends and family! Donors have friends with similar interest

Revenue Opportunities

We offer the following opportunities:


When a purchase is made you receive the majority of the revenue. There are no upfront costs and we take a much smaller percentage than traditional fundraisers do. Details are in the enrollment package.


In addition to purchases we offer you the opportunity to accept donations. If you choose to accept donations you will receive 100% of every donation when you accept it direct.


We offer you the opportunity to generate sponsor revenue with your Time Capsule. When a sponsor you refer participates you receive immediate and residual revenue. You also receive revenue if they sponsor other listings. Details are in the enrollment package.


If you would like to make your volunteer button active on your listings you can. It will link directly to your volunteering page. Every Volunteer hour saves on your budget bottom line.

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