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Schools: PTA, Team, Classroom

What's your Story?

Every School has a story... And every alumni, teacher, parent and student have a story to share!

Digital Time Capsules record special moments at your school or school events. They last forever and automatically update and deliver your Time Capsule in the future.

Digital Time Capsule fundraisers are FREE and EASY to use. There is no inventory to purchase, our payouts are BIG, our Time Capsules are instantly generated online and they work for Alumni groups, PTA's, teams, classes, clubs or any event.

Here's how it works

  1. Start your "Time Capsule" FUNdraiser.
  2. Invite your supporters via your social networks, email, website or traditional methods.
  3. Begin receiving funds: As contributions are made we collect the money and distribute the funds to you. No inventory and No collections!

Time Capsule Fundraisers

  • Event Time Capsules are great for supporting teams and field trips.

    You create a Fundraiser Time Capsule for your event then ask people to support it. They can add their comments, stories, photos, videos and even mark their spot at the event.

    As comments, photos, stories and spots are added your Time Capsule is automatically updated.
    Note: You have the opportunity to accept or reject any comment or photo.

    This Time Capsule allows you to add photos, stories and videos through the event keeping your supporters engaged, extending the life of your fundraiser.

  • Annual Time Capsules are excellent fundraisers for PTA's.

    Create a Time capsule for the entire school year for each grade level, class or the entire school and ask the students to join. Students, family and friends will all want one of these

  • Legacy Time Capsules are excellent fundraisers for PTA's or Alumni.

    Legacy Time Capsules tell the entire story of your school for as long as it has been open. Alumni, current and future students, teachers, principals, etc… will all want to be part of your legacy time capsule. It will become the digital history book of your school. It is the fundraiser that never closes and keeps on giving.

Revenue Opportunities

Purchase Revenue
When a purchase is made you receive the majority of the revenue. There are no upfront costs and we take a much smaller percentage than traditional fundraisers do. Details are in the enrollment package.

In addition to your FUNdraiser we offer you the opportunity to accept donations. If you accept donations you will receive 100% of every donation.

Extend your FUNdraiser
Most FUNdraisers have a start and stop date. A unique feature of our FUNdraiser is even though your FUNdraiser ends we can keep generating revenue as long as your Time Capsule listing is active.

We offer you a simple tool to generate sponsor income for any fundraiser.

If you would like to make our volunteer button active you can. It will link directly to your volunteer page.

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